2019 Car Krazy Queen

Nicole Jean

Princess 2.jpg

2019 Car Krazy Princess

Katana Dixon


2019 Car Krazy Cutie

Harper Havercamp


Pops in the Past is a unique and different kind of car show. We wanted to bring something completely new to the table for girls and women of all ages to enjoy. And what better way to do that than a pageant? But this isn't your typical "dress like a princess" type of pageant. It is NOT a provocative, adult, pin-up contest. It is a family fun pageant for ages 4-20. Staying with our vintage theme we have created various things to help show us just how “Car Crazy” you are. We have three age categories with different requirements.

QUEEN (16-20 years old as of 6/18/22)  

PRINCESS (10-15 years old as of 6/18/22) 

CUTIE (4-9 years old as of 6/18/22)

The Cutie & Princess category will have 2 stages in the competition, costume and questions. The Cutie and Princess category will be judged on their costume that they think best represents either the 40's-60's. The second area they will be judged on is the Q&A session. Where they will be asked 3 questions about things from the 40's-60's era. The Queen category will be judged on costume, Q&A portion, and also a talent portion, keep in mind a talent that has something from the 40's-60's era will receive a higher score.

All costumes must be approved by the Car Krazy Cutie Manager, NO EXCEPTIONS! (Please read complete rules and regulations before entering contest) 

The winners will be crowned as our 2022 Car Krazy Queen, Princess, and Cutie. Are you up for the challenge?