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About Us...

The Car Show the whole family has been waiting for. What better way to celebrate Father's Day with dad? Spend the day with dad, but of course dad wouldn't be dad without the kids and Mom. We realize that without today's youth taking interest in these classic machines they could become a thing of the past. We encourage you to bring a kid to the show. Share the interest and experience with them. Of course we realize kids are kids and that is why there will be plenty there for them to do throughout the day to prevent boredom. From kids games, contests, food trucks and a wide variety of vendors for Mom too. This show is about celebrating... celebrating beautiful vintage automobiles, timeless feel good music, great games, fun people and the celebration of an era. An era when things were a little more simple and technology was not so controlling. Please have your cameras ready, enjoy the sunshine and create classic memories with all of us at the Pops In The Past Car Show.

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